Friday, January 20, 2012

It's time to Win~Win~Win

TreasureLine Books & Publishing has been busy, busy, busy helping fill shelves one book at a time. Part of that has included the expansion of our Book Services to help additional authors recognize the dream of making their books available to readers.

The ladies over at Mormon Mommy Writers organized quite an anniversary celebration for the month of January. They have given away great prizes on their blog; prizes like -- lots of great books, a query letter critique, a free one year membership to ANWA, and ... from our very own TreasureLine Publishing: an Authors' Treasures Package consisting of 3 prizes for 3 different winners.

We'll be giving away 1 ePub Book Publishing Package, 1 Paperback Book Internal Format, and 1 Custom Book Cover and we'd like to invite you to find out how you can enter for a chance to win.

But don't delay. We have one day to shine and that's Saturday, January 21, 2012. Check out our services on TreasureLine Publishing and join us at Mormon Mommy Writers!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Time, Summer Time, Sum Sum Summer Time ... Fuuuuun

Summer is upon us with kids, vacations, and all around busy-ness. It's the time for sitting in a beach chair, reading a great book while you listen to the tide crash in.  (Okay, so that's what I'd LIKE to be doing, not what I get to do!).  Anyway, it's also the time when TreasureLine takes a little break -- even though great books are still underway over at our parent TreasureLine Publishing.

As a little peek into what's coming:

Krisi Keley's On The Soul series is off to a great start with the re-release of On The Soul Of A Vampire getting an edit, reformatted interior, and a great new cover designed by the author!  Her Pro Luce Habere (to have before the light), Book II in the On the Soul Series, is due for release late July/early August.

Teric Darken's Wickflicker will be released July 15th!  It's a supernatural thriller that is sure to satisfy your spooky tooth craving (paraphrased from the author's own words). Jaimey Grant with An Author's Art really outdid herself on this cover as did Ellen C. Maze with the internal formatting.

Lori Boggs' highly anticipated suspense thriller, For The Helpless, will be out in a couple of weeks.  As with all of these books, an official book party will be scheduled this fall.

Speaking of Fall... we have several books slated for Fall Releases:

Elizabeth Mueller's Darkspell - a YA Fantasy; T.E. MacArthur's Steampunk Fantasy, The Volcano Lady Vol. 1 - A Fearful Storm Gathering; Amanda Stephan's Lonely Hearts - Contemporary Christian Romance --- just to name a few.  Paisley Swan Stewart also has BIG changes coming for her Chanson de l’Ange as she separates them into 4 separate volumes as a series, instead the 2 thick volumes as it currently stands.  We're very excited about these books as well as the others we'll update you about as summer time permits.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No Curses ~ Just Winners (Curse of Yama Release Party Winners)

And the winners from the Virtual Release party for K.F. Ridley's The C.Walker Adventures: The Curse of Yama are.....

Receiving a paperback copy of The Curse of Yama AND Murder at the Oaklands Mansion: Shannon Johnson.

Choice of paperback or ebook copy of The Curse of Yama: Josef Bass, Lindsy Smith, Crystal Trent Dotson.

Ebook copy of The Curse of Yama: Kate (ketemflegal), Christine Senter, Andrea Melton, Shanna Clemens, Lonnie Thurston, Leigh Bridges, Lori Boggs, Ursula Gorman, Dana Pratola, Gale Minchew, Lou Brown, Kerri Wood, Martinez Chris, Jennifer McMurrain, Shari Galloway, LeAnna Shields.

Winners will be notified by email as well and, to all winners, please remember to disclose that you received the book via winning entry in a contest when reviewing. (This contest was in no way affiliated with or endorsed by FaceBook)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Bed To Bed...

Linda has to get her kids to bed and she usually doesn't last that long behind them soooooo.... let's give away 3 more ebooks and one paperback copy of The Curse of Yama by K.F. Ridley to 4 different randomly chosen commenters on THIS post.

Thank you so much for joining us for the virtual release party and remember that all group members from the C.Walker Series group, all commenters on the event page and the group page will be entered for a chance to win copies of the book (so keep commenting).  Check out the site for additional chances under the Launch of the Day page and Yama Blog as well as other posts on this blog.

Pizza Run ebook Winners

We had so much trouble getting comments to post on the "Pizza Post" that we're giving ebooks to Leigh, Lori Boggs, Ursula Gorman, Dana Pratola, and Gale Minchew! You'll get your codes in the next couple of days!

Linda Needs Pizza

What does that have to do with anything?  Well, Linda needs to go pick up some pizzas and, since she has the key to the book vault, she's leaving the door open for 3 ebook copies of K.F. Ridley's The Curse of Yama to find themselves into someones hands.  As soon as she gets back, she'll get to choose 3 winners from comments on THIS post.

Bonus Question ~ 2 books...

There's a bonus question over on the Novel Launch Launch of the Day.  Answer the question OVER THERE and correct answerers will be entered for a chance to win KF Ridley's The Curse of Yama AND Melinda Richarz Lyons' Murder at the Oaklands Mansion -- both super kid friendly Middle Grade Adventures.  So head over to the Launch of the Day page and answer that question...

Winners are required to disclose the book was provided free of charge, by contest win when reviewing.  Not endorsed by or affiliated with FaceBook.

Congrats to another winner of The Curse of Yama

Congratulations to Shannon Johnson whose name was chosen via We'll be contacting you for an address if you choose paperback or to send you the code if you choose ebook.  As always, reviews should include a statement letting readers know you received the book free via a contest.